Building the rule of law government building the rule of law in Xining

In May 29th, mayor Wang Yubo chaired the municipal government thirty-second executive meeting to consider "Xining city to implement the construction of the eastern city of group action plan", "Xining City, construction of circular economy pilot area development plan", "Xining Municipal People’s Government on the strengthening of the rule of law government construction implementation plan", "Xining city road repair mining management measures" other issues.

meeting stressed that to promote the construction of urban agglomerations in the East, is the current and future period of a major urgent task. All localities and departments must thoroughly implement the provincial government on the construction work of the eastern city of group spirit, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, in deepening the reform of the overall planning, promote collaborative work, do the job responsibilities, work measures, work achievements, the construction of the eastern city group has continuously made new breakthrough.

the meeting pointed out that the construction of circular economy pilot area development, is the provincial government to accurately grasp the trend of the domestic and international development, scientific research characteristics of Qinghai economic and social development, an important measure of high level planning, global top-level design of the future development of Qinghai. The relevant departments and regions should give full play to its own characteristics and advantages, comprehensive use of market forces, policy traction and other means, to optimize the industrial structure, actively develop low-carbon economy, innovative work methods, active use of force, with the market this "invisible hand" to promote the development of circular economy pilot area construction. To improve and enhance the quality of development, to achieve economic, social and environmental benefits and win-win.

meeting requirements, the rule of law is an important part of the rule of law in China’s construction. Thoroughly implement the basic strategy of the rule of law to all regions and departments, the government fully incorporated into the orbit of the rule of law, speeding up the transformation of government functions, strictly in accordance with laws and regulations, strengthen supervision and inspection, carry out legal education, conscious use of the rule of law and the rule of law thinking mode assumed responsibility for due diligence, continuously enhance the credibility and execution of government in the government under the rule of law construction, and guide the formation of respect for the rule of law, the rule of the whole society to maintain good habits.

the meeting pointed out that strengthening the city road excavation management, standardize city road excavation behavior, is the municipal government will follow the people, optimize the approval process of city construction, a pragmatic measures to effectively eliminate "road zipper phenomenon". To reform the concept of continuous optimization of road excavation approval procedures, to achieve a planning guidance, a department to accept, multi sectoral parallel approval, one-time drainage, heating, electricity, communications and other facilities in place. To adhere to the authority of planning. Any unit or individual shall strictly implement the annual road excavation plan, and shall not arbitrarily change the timing requirements of the construction. To strict system requirements, penalties, forced the construction unit responsible from the tight, quality and quantity to complete the excavation of roads construction tasks, less lane, less disturbing, the impact on people’s lives and city traffic to a minimum.

meeting on the good platform, sing the show, to do a good job during the Green Fair Investment and the current security and stability, environmental health and other key tasks were arranged.