As of late March a total of 23 species and more than 20 thousand bird flies to Qinghai Lake

according to the Qinghai Lake National Nature Reserve, the staff survey area Management Bureau, as of late March, has a total of 23 kinds of more than 25 thousand kinds of waterfowl moved to Qinghai Lake, the population of Przewalski’s Gazelle reached more than 1160 only.

25000 is only the beginning of a number of water birds, the annual spring and summer and the transition between the fall and winter, the Qinghai Lake will enter the year when the most waterfowl, to reach more than one hundred thousand. In nature, birds also have a north-south divide, and in Qinghai Lake, you can see the birds in Siberia, you can see the birds in the south. Qinghai Lake has become the important stage of the world is always on the move of birds, migratory birds is one of the eight channels.

The concept of waterfowl proposed by the

Convention on wetlands is "ecologically dependent on wetlands". With the Qinghai Lake ecological environment, green lake, grassland area increased, increasing Lake area increases, wetlands, and survey methods, means of reform, in 60s so far, Qinghai lake bird species increased.

latest monitoring records show that, at present, Qinghai Lake has a variety of waterfowl 23 species, the number reached 25350. The four wild goose breeding birds 5250, 1040, 850 common cormorant, brown Headed Gull fish gull 460, other ducks Morillon 7610, pintail 3300, red 1860, wigeon 1540, green winged ducks 1430, red crested pochard, mallard 500 920. Compared with the same period last year more than 1680.

at the same time, researchers in the yuan, East Lake 14 regional monitoring to Przewalski more than 1160 compared with the same period last year, a significant increase in the number of.