30 Qinghai famous trademark of the year 2013

  in September 29th, the provincial brand strategy promotion committee was held in 2013, Qinghai Province, the famous trademark will be recognized, the trademark was identified as "Qinghai famous trademark of the 30". So far, the famous trademark in Qinghai to 136.

2013 annual "Qinghai famous trademark" identified by the voluntary reporting of enterprises, the location of the Administration for Industry and commerce to accept the first instance, the provincial Office of the famous trademark office recommended assessment. In order to ensure the quality of the review, the main economic indicators, brand awareness, market reputation, product quality and trademark management of five major items of the contents of the 14 assessment. Relating to food, environmental protection, medicine trademark strict examination, from the Internet to such business operations, quality reports and retrieval and verification of quality problems, other adverse information enterprise resolutely not evaluation.

through solid and orderly work, Brand Strategy Promotion Committee of 22 members of the unit agreed Shengyuan graphics, Ning food group, three, seven in the temple, Yu Yi wood, Plateau snow, urn, a Catherina Yim, Kunlun spring, white camel, camel fulaixide, Xiang wharf, pasture, well, Tibet treasure hall, Jin Luo, Xin Tong, Tongli source graphics, snowy eight, the Yellow River livestock Hing, limeng commercial lane, Tibetan antelope, the European tour, the snowy plateau, the fertile soil, green eight graphics, Feng yipinyuan Dongnuo, Qinghai Tibet, the graphics, a total of 1035 Qingtang city 30 trademarks for the 2013 annual Qinghai province famous trademark.

identified the 30 trademark industry is widely distributed, involving meat products, dairy products, Cereals, health food, edible fungi, beverages, highland barley wine and other characteristics of the plateau and the national apparel industry. These enterprises in the sales areas have a certain degree of popularity, many enterprises product quality management system certification, to ensure that the gold content of a famous trademark in Qinghai Province, to the leading role of the demonstration to promote the brand from the province. (author: Lu Hai)