Deputy provincial leading cadres of the two schools do second times continuously focus on learning t

6 7, 2009, the provincial Party committee held a meeting of the Central Committee, deputy party members and cadres above the provincial level for the "learning and doing" the two focus on learning the second. Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining presided over.

comrades to collective learning, once again review the Constitution and relevant rules and regulations. You learn while understanding, agreed that the history of struggle and struggle target party, to further deepen the understanding about the correctness of the party’s Programme; self growth especially major test experience, further strengthened to become the outstanding communist consciousness; contact face environment and historical mission, to further strengthen the improvement the pursuit of leadership. Have said, should take the lead to maintain and implement the party constitution.

am, the provincial Party committee held an enlarged meeting of the central group. Yifu Lin, the famous economist, Wu Xiaoling, and the president of the United States made a special lecture on opening up and innovation, respectively, in.