Ask residents to make unannounced visits directly to the residents of the West Main Street office pe

"residents friends, you are good! Now, I would like to report on the work of this year." January 6th, the provincial capital Xiguan Avenue office people test official straight conference held. In the past, the work of the staff is to assess the leadership, and this time, the office staff to assess the work by the residents, which is the first time in Xining.

6, office conference room, resident representative office director Zhou Zhicheng lined up, sitting on the opposite side for a progress report to the resident representative meeting, waiting outside the debriefing staff repeatedly looked at his report. After Zhou Zhicheng debriefing, the resident representatives began to ask questions. "The work of 2010 has just started, how to start the office of the first gun?" On this issue, Zhou Zhicheng had the answer: ‘first shot’ still to community residents, we arranged six cultural feast rich cultural life of the residents of the spring festival." The nod of the question. Another resident took over the microphone, the 2010 Office has no specific projects for the people?" Zhou Zhicheng push glasses, replied: we have identified 10 projects for the private sector, including lighting Jia alley project, declare fitness path or square District, built in the west area of multi-functional service center……" Listen carefully to the representatives of the residents, and score on the assessment table.

residents on behalf of the community is also very concerned about the details, the question is sharp. "Two days before the holiday, I passed by the families of the construction of six homes, see some garbage, how is this going on?" City Administration chief Guo Jinfeng debriefing, residents question. Guo Jinfeng first apology: I’m sorry, during the holiday period, some of our work slack, the garbage has been sent in January 3rd to deal with the staff, the future does not guarantee a similar problem, please monitor."

office, public diary neatly placed on the table, the residents on behalf of Mr. Yang pulled out a public diary, open a page at random, dial the phone contact residents on the page. "Feed! Hello, I am an office staff assessment. I would like to ask the office staff in December 16th last year is not to come to your house?" "Come on, come on!" "Then you reflect the problem has not been resolved……" Residents on behalf of the staff is checking the public diary, which is one of the criteria for their assessment of staff daily work.

face the masses of inquiry, the office staff is undoubtedly a test, the office responsible person said, "the people" on the "official" give full play to democracy, to allow residents to directly participate in the supervision, before the community staff quality of work by the street leadership assessment, now the residents have the final say. On behalf of the residents according to the staff report and the usual understanding of the situation, from Germany, and five aspects of diligence, low field evaluation scoring, and the evaluation results timely feedback to the community cadres themselves, requires the control of the existing problems, to develop specific corrective measures. The evaluation of the satisfaction of the masses of low rate of staff in a timely manner to make some adjustment, the director general can do nothing, people are satisfied with the excellent talents to enrich in the team.