District 7317 households houses changed

this year, the north area of the shantytowns as the focus of economic development in the region, with the small finances do big people "concept, continue to increase the intensity of the shantytowns, 13 shantytowns 7317 demolition will get a new transformation, so that area to improve the lives of workers of bankrupt enterprises.

it is understood that last year the north area of investment of about 119 million 850 thousand yuan, completed 5063 sets of shantytowns renovation and 148 shantytowns demolition renovation, the area of mountains casting plant family member courtyard, Sanhe district and other 18 provincial bankruptcy restructuring enterprises living environment has been effectively improved.

this year, North District will be based on the comprehensive picture of the region’s old family hospital building on the current situation, find out a suitable North shed advance ideas, based on the transformation of the contiguous, piecewise progress of ideas, abandon the scattered transformation of the old ways, the implementation of the airport, high speed along the Beichuan River, the Yangtze River Road, along the road (east side area of Huangshui River in Hebei) a total of 13 shantytowns 7317 renovation demolition. Through the contiguous focus to build, and strive to form a number of boutique demonstration sites, demonstration street, enhance the overall transformation of the effect, the level of radiation to promote the city’s overall urban infrastructure.