Measures of Xining Municipality for the administration of special maintenance funds

Xining Municipal People’s government order


"Xining special maintenance fund management approach" has been adopted by the twenty-second executive meeting of the Xining municipal government in September 25, 2013, is hereby promulgated and shall come into force as of December 1, 2013.

mayor Wang Yubo

October 24, 2013

Chapter 1 general principles

Article 1 in order to strengthen the management of special funds for maintenance, the establishment of city property maintenance and repair of special safeguard mechanism, to protect the property sharing parts, shared facilities equipment maintenance and maintenance of normal use, property maintenance funds the lawful rights and interests of owners, according to the "property law", "property management regulations", "residential special maintenance fund management approach" and other relevant provisions, combined with the actual city, the enactment of this approach.

second administrative districts of the city commercial housing, affordable housing and financing housing units, resettlement housing and public housing sold special maintenance funds deposited, use, management and supervision, the application of this approach.

third of these measures referred to as the special maintenance funds, refers to the special property used for the maintenance of the common parts, shared facilities and equipment maintenance and renewal, transformation of funds.

said the common parts in these Measures refers to the laws and regulations and the sale of housing, the owners of single property owners or single property and is connected with the structure of the non property owners in some areas, generally include: property based, bearing wall, column, beam, floor, roof and outdoor the hall walls, staircases, corridors, etc..

Common facilities mentioned in these Measures refers to

, according to the laws and regulations and the contract for the sale of housing by property owners or property owners and non owners of property related ancillary facilities, including general elevator, antenna, lighting, fire fighting facilities, green space, roads, road lights, ditches, pools, wells, non operating parking garage, public sports facilities and shared facilities and equipment used in housing.

fourth special maintenance funds in accordance with the law deposit, storage accounts, the owner of the decision-making, earmarking, government oversight principles.

Fifth City real estate administrative departments in conjunction with the municipal finance department is responsible for the city’s special maintenance funds for the guidance and supervision.

financial and auditing departments shall, in accordance with their respective functions and duties, be responsible for the financial management and supervision of the special maintenance funds for the property.

second chapter funds deposited

sixth owners of the following properties shall be deposited in accordance with the provisions of the property special maintenance funds:

(a) residential, but with all the owners and other properties are not shared parts, shared facilities and equipment;

(two) residential area of non residential or residential;