1600 teachers to become a good teacher

In September 17th, "the practice of socialist core values, to become the eastern good teacher" activities started in Xiaoquan primary school, East District Education Bureau to 50 kindergartens and 17 primary school in the region, a total of more than 1600 teachers initiative, the initiative of teachers positive action, morality, ethics, repair the tree cast according to the spirit of the soul. General Secretary Xi Jinping visit condolences teachers in BNU’s speech, and strive to become the "four good teacher. On the same day, the District Board of Education organized by the president attended the scene to learn the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping speech at Beijing Normal university. Also organized a number of principal representatives, representatives of parents, student representatives, teachers on behalf of the site talked about the good teacher should have excellent quality. It is understood that "to be a good teacher in East" activities from the beginning of September 17th to the end of December 31st, is divided into four stages, the district schools (kindergarten) will be based on the mobilization, through continuous learning and training, so that "good teacher" standard is deeply rooted in every one of the teachers thought, to become the conscious action of teachers teaching. At the same time, will be how to become a good teacher essay activities and good teacher education story sharing activities. The district will also organize schools through mutual evaluation, district level good teacher selection activities, selection, set up a number of good teacher model, with the example of the power to inspire and guide people. At the moment, "striving to be a good teacher" has quickly in the district schools, teachers’ enthusiasm is very high.