Office of the provincial government issued the Qinghai province to promote the use of fiscal funds t

to implement the State Council on promoting financial funds to co-ordinate the use of provincial government work arrangements and requirements, to further optimize the allocation of financial capital, to increase the effective supply of funds, to enhance the performance of financial funds, the provincial government office recently issued "financial planning in Qinghai province to promote the use of plan".

"plan" put forward to promote the financial, co-ordinate the use of funds, is an important content of innovative way of macro-control and the deepening of financial reform, is to make full use of the positive fiscal policy and support key initiatives to promote the supply side structural reform, but also need to deal with the economic downturn, effectively alleviate the fiscal balance contradictory reality. To adhere to the problem oriented, adhere to reform and innovation, the use of funds to break the compartmentalization, avoid the use of funds "fragmentation", "sleeping" in various fields to revitalize the financial funds as the main target, in order to promote the optimal allocation of financial funds, constantly improve the efficiency of financial funds. From 2016 to 2017, revitalize the financial settlement funds in various fields have made significant progress, the initial establishment of the overall use of fiscal funds mechanism. By 2020, will be included in the unified allocation of all budget funds into the financial sector, so that the budget of a plate, income a cage, spending a hole to promote the establishment of a modern financial system.

"plan" will be emphasized, the government budget and control ability, increase the focus on efforts to promote the integration and optimization of subject capital budgeting and budget implementation, promoting the coordination of financial stock funds to co-ordinate the use of project funds, promote the standardized management and promote the budget, co-ordinate the use of organic combination of six aspects of asset allocation and a total of 25 in order to promote the financial measures of optimizing the allocation of funds, the "change" into "the money", concentrate financial resources in a planned and step-by-step manner for the overall development of key areas and weak links in urgent need. The "program" close to the actual situation in the province, focuses on the refinement of the specific measures to promote the use of stock funds management, funds for projects and the net balance of two consecutive years of unused nodes at the same level of financial planning will be recovered; for less than two years to speed up the implementation of the budget funds, do not need to use according to the original purposes, according to the provisions for economic planning social development funds needed to support the field; on the overall spending slow progress, stock funds larger departments, in principle no longer arrange funding for project funding increment; transfer budget for the year more than a certain percentage of the corresponding departments, check their years of public funds or projects of fiscal expenditure scale; the larger the size of the stock of capital the corresponding reduction of the area, the transfer payment scale. At the same time, the implementation of the project from the implementation of the conditions, speed up the approval of the project budget and the progress of the release, the project library construction and other aspects of the relevant measures are also clear.

program requirements, promote the use of fiscal funds to co-ordinate the work of a strong policy, involving a wide range of interests involved in the adjustment of the pattern. All localities and departments should further enhance awareness, strengthen organizational leadership, increase co-ordination efforts to promote the implementation of the measures in place. To focus on promoting grassroots pilot, allowing the city (state), the county government to the higher authorities issued a special transfer payments, combined with the relevant level of funding arrangements, increase the intensity of integration, and effectively improve;