Xining police destroyed a masked burglary Gang 3 suspects were all arrested

January 5th, Xining police destroyed a masked home robbery Gang, Gang 3 suspects were all arrested.

early in the morning of November 17, 2008, Victory Road West District Xining city a cigarette and liquor vendor occurred home masked knife robbery, 3 suspects masked knife broke into the cigarette and liquor vendor, threatening the shopkeeper, stole 12 thousand yuan in cash and mobile phone 1, Cordyceps and cigarettes and other items worth more than 40 thousand yuan in total.

after the incident, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment attaches great importance to the case, determined to fight robbery, promoting peace "special rectification action focus on tackling the case, set up a task force to solve. Task force wide open line source, in-depth investigation of the city’s key places Mopai, after painstaking investigation visits, and finally mastered the basic situation of criminal gangs and hiding. January 5th, the task force police suspects Yang, Wang, Zhang captured in three of their families in a hospital. Under questioning, the 3 suspects confessed to the crime.