Xining City branch of GA Zhuang tax publicity please come in and go out

recently, the west of Xining state tax bureau invited GA Zhuang enterprise financial personnel to sub forum, the taxpayer concerned with the transformation of value-added tax, income tax, tax incentives, the general taxpayer standard answer questions; and the scene to the taxpayer demonstrated electronic media reporting procedures. Through the discussion and the scene demonstration, causes the taxpayer to have the further understanding and the understanding to the tax revenue policy, to the income tax electronic medium declaration operation is more clear. Recently, the Bureau combined with daily inspections, positive publicity to the taxpayer tax, the eighteenth tax xuanchuanyue tax development of people’s livelihood "theme throughout the whole process of propaganda, timely answers to various problems raised by the taxpayer, and the issuance of tax, tax knowledge manual West daily publications to the taxpayer. This please come in, go out of the propaganda method, a harmonious relationship between the tax rate, and create a favorable tax environment, welcomed by taxpayers.