first_img61, passed away on October 25, 2017 at home, surrounded by her family. Debra was born in Madrid, Spain, and has resided in Bayonne for the past 20 years. She was a retired Training Officer for the United States Army Corps of Engineers, New York City, for 27 years. Wife of Susan Delesky. Mother of Robert Malinoski and his Wife Stacy. Grandmother of Robert, Jenna, and Nicole Malinoski. Sister of Tandy Moye and her Husband Johnny, and the late Vance Mitchell III and his surviving Wife Ursula. Aunt of Catherine, John, Tiffany, Samantha, Jacqueline and Andrew. Sister-in-law of James and Jackie Keenan and Dawn Hlad. And also survived by many friends. She was predeceased by her parents Farnae D. and Vance Mitchell Jr. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Columbia University Medical Center, Office of Development, Attention-Matt Reals, 516 West 168th St., 3rd Floor, New York, NY, 10032. Funeral arrangements by G. KEENEN O’BRIEN Funeral Home, 984 Avenue C.last_img read more

Ravi Bhalla for mayor

first_imgFrank Magaletta Dear Editor: I am proud to endorse Ravi Bhalla for our next mayor and Jim Doyle, Emily Jabbour and John Allen for at-large council representatives. I currently sit on the Planning Board and have been involved for many years in bringing responsible government and fiscal accountability to our city and schools. And, probably most important, my children are students in a district school. I know four of the mayoral candidates and at least four of the council candidates (this year, how can you not know at least some of them), some longer than others.I have known Ravi for almost 10 years, Jim for almost 20 years, and have gotten to know Emily and John. While on Hoboken’s City Council, Ravi has proven his principled commitment to smart and responsible growth for a safer community. Jim also sits on the Planning Board and I have witnessed his dedication and strong work ethic to make sure Hoboken’s growth is responsible and that Hoboken’s history and quality of life are protected, while also allowing for our city to progress. Ravi’s and Jim’s votes against the proposed too-tall post office hotel on our waterfront and efforts to make a terrible Suez water contract better are just two recent examples of their principled stands for us. Emily has fought for gun violence awareness. John fights for school districts, has served on a school board and understands how to work together for a community’s greater good.Ravi and Team Bhalla will pursue sound fiscal policies with the overarching goal of protecting us and allowing local businesses to succeed. Knowing Ravi, I am confident he will continue the successes of reform and that he has the skills, intelligence, experience and maturity to meet all challenges as well as the wisdom to work with everyone with the same goal of continuing the great progress Mayor Zimmer achieved in her short time in office. Just as when Mayor Zimmer was confronted with roadblocks, she didn’t complain about being attacked, she got the job done; so it is with Ravi and his team. They fight for what’s right, state what they think and keep moving forward. Ravi (3H), Jim (13I), Emily (14I) and John (15I) are the best choices to continue Hoboken’s progress so that it will continue to be a city that welcomes and respects all people.Equally important: Please make sure to vote for Melanie Tekirian (5J), Sharyn Angley (6J), and Chetali Khanna (7J) for Hoboken’s school board. Sharyn is an incumbent. They all attend school board meetings, have been actively engaged with improving the schools and have children in the District. They are thoughtful, have depth of education and work experience in financial analysis and will continue the honest and rational decision-making of our School Board. They understand and will embrace their roles as stewards for our District and for improving the educational experience of all of Hoboken’s children, raising the standard for our entire community. Please vote for all seven on Nov. 7.last_img read more

Brand clinic: Good pack design

first_imgDon Williams, CEO of brand specialist Pi Global, says a real-world picture of your target audience is key to effective pack designMany years ago, a wise, if cantankerous, very senior American client in a very large multinational (both of whom shall remain nameless), said to me: “No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the great British housewife.” And to a large extent he was right. But what is taste? The average British housewife doesn’t live in Hampstead, she doesn’t shop in Harvey Nics and she doesn’t take her kids to school in a Range Rover. The problem is that many of the people whose job it is to communicate brands to the masses…do.Taste really is in the eye of the beholder. What is one person’s brash bling is another’s epitome of high style. Let’s face it, the fashion industry is about one thing: constant change by making what is desirable today undesirable tomorrow. Brands cannot afford to be undesirable tomorrow; a brand is ’for life’. Ad campaigns come and go with alarming regularity, but if you give a consumer a box of crayons and ask them to draw the Cadbury brand, you can be sure they won’t draw a Gorilla they will reach for the purple crayon.What is crucial, is understanding the role of each ’tool’ in the communication toolbox and how they work together. Using packaging as part of an ad campaign is like using a hammer to cut a piece of wood it’s the wrong tool for the job. And unless you own a ’fashion’ brand, using your brand ID and pack design to slavishly follow the latest ’design trend’ is, at best, inappropriate. So having a clear, real-world picture of your target audience how they dress, what they eat, what they watch on TV, what their homes look like is fundamental to developing pack design that is relevant to them.Take a look at Duchy Originals: it has a tone of voice that screams quality and heritage and ’Rural Britishness’. Now, contrast that with Mr Kipling, which has a far more ’everyday’ personality and remember how quickly it was brought back in line when it decided to go ’trendy’ whereas Mrs Crimble’s has a no-nonsense, ’free-from’, ’what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ kind of transparency.The visual identity and packaging of these brands are designed to convey and support their individual positionings and propositions and they do so in a way that consumers intuitively understand and recognise. This is crucial for brands with limited marketing spend, because the pack has to sell the brand to the retailer and the consumer even harder.Successful brands ’feel right’ for what they are and that is the secret of design; it’s not about art or style or fashion, it’s about making simple connections, that are relevant to whatever the design needs to achieve connections that give the consumer an intuitive feeling about what the brand stands for and whether it’s right for them or not.If you force consumers to work at something by being overly clever or tricksy, they’ll walk on, because frankly, they have better things to do.last_img read more

Yes Cancels Remaining Tour Dates After Death of Guitarist Steve Howe’s Son, Virgil

first_imgThe rock band Yes has spent this summer touring with Todd Rundgren and Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy for their Yestival 2017 Summer Tour. During Yes’s performances during this tour, the band has been playing one track from each studio album chronologically from 1969’s YES to 1980’s DRAMA, while still managing to throw a few surprises into the mix during each live performance. The tour kicked off on August 4th in Greensboro, North Carolina, and over the past few weeks has wound its way across the Northeast, Midwest, and Canada. Today, the band has announced that the remaining dates for their Yestival 2017 Tour have been canceled following the tragic death of guitarist Steve Howe’s younger son, Virgil Howe, who was a drummer for the band Little Barrie.The band posted the following note on Facebook: Due to the tragic, unexpected death of guitarist Steve Howe’s beloved younger son, Virgil, YES regrettably announces that the remaining dates of their Yestival Tour have been cancelled. Ticket refunds for the affected tour dates (in Moorhead, Cedar Rapids, London, Rochester, Boston and Huntington) will be available at point of purchase. YES — Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes, Jon Davison and Billy Sherwood — want to thank all their fans for their support and understanding at this time. Steve Howe and family ask for their privacy to be respected during this difficult time. We’re sending love to the Howe family right now and condolences for their loss. Rest in peace, Virgil. You will be missed.last_img read more

Brazil Police Occupy Rio de Janeiro Shantytown After 12 Murders

first_imgBy Dialogo September 13, 2012 About 250 police occupied a shantytown on September 11, in the northern zone of Rio de Janeiro, where at least 12 people were killed in three days. The bodies of six youth, ages16 to 19 years old, were found the day before in the Chatuba shantytown, riddled with bullets and knife cut marks. “They came from the neighboring shantytown, dominated by a rival faction and should not enter here, but they went to swim in the waterfall and were captured by members of the Comando Vermelho (a major drug trafficking gang in Rio), who tortured and executed them,” said Priscilla, a resident of Chatuba. Without giving her last name for fear of reprisals, the widow of 26 years, mother of three children, complained of “abandonment” of the community since Rio authorities began to race against the clock in 2008, in order to “pacify” the shantytowns south of the city to prepare for the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. After the expulsion of drug traffickers, several Pacification Police Units, with about 5,500 members were installed to monitor more than 140 Rio shantytowns (out of 750), but mostly in communities near tourist sites and affluent neighborhoods. “Given the significant number of barbaric crimes committed during the weekend by drug traffickers who dominate Chatuba (…) urgent action is needed to restore tranquility to the area,” indicated the Ministry of Public Security in a statement. The police occupation of the Chatuba shantytown will be “permanent”, with the installation of a battalion of 112 officers, the statement specified. The police were searching for the body of a 19 year old, on September 11. Two helicopters were hovering over the Chatuba hills, to which the traffickers fled while police cars and motorcycles were traveling through the streets of the shantytowns. “I have lived here since 1986 and it wasn´t like this before. This worsened when the traffickers arrived in Rio,” said José Aldeci da Silva Junior, 44 years old, the father of the missing young man.last_img read more

Paranoid Planning Opponents Invoke UN’s Agenda 21 to Block Good Ideas for Growth

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York In an age when local government can barely fix a pothole, some people insist on claiming that the United Nations is actually driving development policies across the globe in its diabolical desire to usher in a New World Order—and our region is right in their cross-hairs.These conspiracy theorists point to Agenda 21, a UN initiative to build in an environmentally sustainable manner by conserving energy and concentrating density. They claim it has a very dark side that will strip us of our sovereignty, starting with our property rights.Those are tough words indeed. But not only are those assertions wrong, they are irreversibly hurting the planning process—a legitimate undertaking that governs land use decisions at the most local of levels where environmental and economic problems hit closest to home.This “conspiracy narrative” is a threat to sensible ideas like allowing a higher density of development in villages’ downtowns instead of increasing suburban sprawl; developing “walkable communities” that allow residents to satisfy their day-to-day needs by relying less on their cars to get around; and permitting more rental units in general while concentrating new development in the areas around the Long Island Rail Road stations.Listen carefully during any presentation on sustainability, smart growth or walkability, and those wise to the Agenda 21 conspiracy are positive you’ll hear the undercurrent of policymakers parroting what the UN, their overlord masters, have instructed them to do and say, wittingly or not. Even Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone has drawn criticism from this conspiracy crowd for his development proposals to revitalize Wyandanch, among other innovative proposals.Newsday railed against the global conspiracy theorists in an editorial about “Agenda 21 paranoia,” dismissing them for posing obstacles to “a saner development pattern for Long Island” by invoking their “favorite evildoer of intrigue-lovers, the United Nations.”The original plan to make sustainable development a priority emerged from a UN conference at Rio de Janeiro in 1992. But even today, as those who attend public meetings of town boards and zoning officials on LI know, the term is often cited to oppose “smart growth” and other planning proposals. In 2012 the Republican National Committee approved a resolution calling Agenda 21 “destructive and insidious,” a “radical” plan of “extreme environmentalism, social engineering and global political control.”Conservative critics of Agenda 21 claim that enviro-nuts don’t respect your property rights, that the UN wants to seize your land and drive you, the hapless resident, into “compact prison-like cities,” where the sheeple bleat and march lockstep into the proverbial grinder. To these conspiracy theorists, planning is a myth—it’s just an excuse to do the UN’s bidding, while ignoring Thomas Jefferson’s calls from beyond the grave condemning our misguided country’s newfound love of socialized land use.Is Agenda 21 really that evil and powerful? According to the American Planning Association’s Agenda 21: Myths and Facts, Agenda 21 is “not a legal document, and does not infringe on the sovereignty of any nation or the independence of the planning process.” Planning expert Andrew Whittemore in Citylab summed it up neatly: it is “a non-binding, 1992 United Nations action plan aimed at aiding world governments in pursuing sustainability.”But, according to the conspiracists, the UN is pulling the development strings across the globe, even in Hauppauge and Mineola, Hempstead and Great Neck. Somehow, the UN—an organization that has to focus on global security, the proliferation of terrorism in the Middle East, the mass exodus of refugees, the complex politics of preventing thermonuclear war and making sure the world’s most fragile economies don’t collapse—is worried about the housing unit yield per acre of developments with names like Deer Brooke Pointe at Oak Hollow. These anti-Agenda 21 critics grossly overestimate the effectiveness of government, especially at the local level where land use is the principal police power.All one has to do is look at the hundreds of failed proposals, lawsuits and resident protests when development is pitched even remotely near a residential subdivision to see that the UN is pretty bad at establishing a New World Order. Residents always need to be cautious regarding development, but attacking the urban planning process, which is driven by resident input and fueled by scientific data, is not only a fallacy, it debases all legitimate efforts for smarter development.All too often, armchair philosophers and pseudo-real estate experts argue for unfettered growth, with little to no regard for the consequences. Many of these pundits conveniently forget that more often than not, zoning was put in place by the public in response to the unrestricted development standards of the past. In urban areas like New York City, light and air standards, Federal Acquisition Regulations and other requirements rose from oppressive construction efforts. When the builders and developers alone had their way, cities, and the neighborhoods within them, withered and died.Who’s to blame for the rise of the Agenda 21 conspiracy and widespread fear of sustainability and smart growth? The planners themselves, the developers and the local governments that oversee land usage.By communicating to constituents how development works in their municipality, local governments can head off the conspiracy theorists at the pass. By communicating why a parcel is zoned, why that zoning may or may not be antiquated, and why smart growth principles work near bus stops and train stations, prescient planners can take the wind from the Agenda 21 conspiracists’ sails. Lastly, developers should communicate why, exactly, they’re pitching more density—whether it’s due to changing market conditions, higher probability of financing or whatever else drives such decisions. While you can never get the politically extreme to bow to reason, you can influence those who just want to see their community become a better place to live.Together, backed by data, studies and a professional, resident-sourced vision, we can foster what our region needs—an idea of not only how we can manage growth, but how to anticipate the Island’s needs 10, 20 and 30 years from now.With streamlined, open and honest communication at every step of the way, development and preservation efforts will be more productive, easier to implement and more effective—and the Agenda 21 distraction can give way.Rich Murdocco writes on Long Island’s land use and real estate development issues. He received his Master’s in Public Policy at Stony Brook University, where he studied regional planning under Dr. Lee Koppelman, Long Island’s veteran master planner. Murdocco will be contributing regularly to the Long Island Press. More of his views can be found on or follow him on Twitter @TheFoggiestIdea.last_img read more

Kostajnica Chestnut Festival included on the map “Tastes of Europe”

first_imgThe European Commission has included the Kostajnica Chestnut Festival on the “Tastes of Europe” map, which promotes European food and high quality beverages.This is the result of the presentation of the most important economic, tourist and cultural events of Sisak-Moslavina County at the conference that accompanied the exhibition “Green-Blue Cradle of Croatia” prepared and organized by Croatian Member of the European Parliament Marijana Petir in March this year in Brussels.DG GROW Tourism Representative Juliana Gabriela Aluas announced that the most important events in Sisak-Moslavina County could be included in the ‘Tastes of Europe’ map and thanked MP Petir for informing the Commission of their content. Aluas said at the time that “until then, the Commission had no information about the Chestnut Festival in Hrvatska Kostajnica and other events, such as Voloderski jeseni and Letovanići – villages near Kupa, but thanks to the presentation of events in the European Parliament organized by MP Petir, representatives of these events may request the ‘Tastes of Europe’ folder to make them an integral part of the European project ‘, which has now been achieved.The Kostajnica Chestnut Festival, the largest and most beautiful cultural, tourist and economic event in the Pounje region, is celebrating its 20th birthday this year. Kostajnica.  ”Said the director of the Tourist Office of Hrvatska Kostajnica Mirjana Lahovsky-Žličarić.During the Chestnut Festival from Zagreb, Kesten-cug rides, and with an organized trip to the chestnut forests, visitors can enjoy salty and sweet, homemade preparations of this valuable fruit, see numerous exhibitions and forgotten crafts to enjoy the performance of guest choirs, tamburitza players, folklore groups, rides a real tourist tram or just walk through the streets and alleys of Kostajnica full of various colorful stalls surrounded by the smell of roasted chestnuts. Those who are a little braver and more skilful can ride a boat on the Una, shoot a bow and arrow or visit Kostajnica on a bicycle and hiking trail.last_img read more

Police Blotter 01-28-2020

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Sunman Dearborn Community School Corporation outlines procedures for 20-21 school year

first_imgSt. Leon, IN —Sunman Dearborn Community School Corporation has released a 35-page document to outline the 2020-2021 school year procedures. Is says the focus will be on cleaning, sanitizing, healthy habits, and contact tracing. Each classroom, desk, and bus will be sanitized at least twice daily. Each frequently touched object (door handle, drinking fountain, etc.) will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day. Only drinking fountains with bottle fillers will only be used to fill water bottles. Students will be given multiple opportunities during the day to wash hands and will be provided hand sanitizer in each classroom. They plan to limit social interaction of students as much as possible and use assigned seats for contact tracing documentation. The document outlines cleaning procedures, transportation protocols, visitors, and more.Visitors, other than parents, will be permitted by appointment only. All visitors must self-screen prior to entering the school building and are required to wear a face mask.Student attendance policies have been adjusted to allow for extended absences for any student who is COVID-19 positive, exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or has been in contact with someone COVID-19 positive or who is exhibiting COVID-19 positive.The school corporation will also be offering an online academy for the school year. The S-DOA was created out of necessity for students and parents who have concerns regarding returning to school amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, or who have underlying medical conditions that preclude them from attending a traditional school.To view the entire document, click here.last_img read more

The Latest: NYC mayor says big events with fans a ways away

first_imgPeach Bowl president Gary Stokan says the aim is giving Georgia residents access to screenings and tests “as soon as possible.”___The Swiss soccer league says clubs will discuss on May 29 if they want to resume playing in June amid the coronavirus pandemic.The league says the meeting of the 20 clubs will be two days after the next Swiss federal government update on easing restrictions.A restart on June 19 leaves seven weekends and six midweek games to meet UEFA’s preferred Aug. 3 target to complete domestic seasons. The German Football League’s board reportedly favors a start date of May 15 but some clubs want it later.Werder Bremen sporting director Frank Baumann backs a May 23 start to “reduce the injury risk” with more training and because some clubs were cleared to return to training earlier than others. Mainz wants two weeks to prepare.The league was given the go-ahead Wednesday to play in empty stadiums following a meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and state governors.More teams are returning to full-team training instead of working in small groups. Borussia Mönchengladbach is resuming full training despite what it called “very weak positive” coronavirus tests for one player and one staff member. The club says the player has since tested negative twice and the staff member is isolating at home after one negative test. The federation said last week that on government advice the season could not be completed by a UEFA-set deadline for Gibraltar of July 20.Europa will enter next season’s Champions League qualifying rounds. St. Joseph’s and third-place Lincoln Red Imps will enter the Europa League.___The president of French soccer club Lyon says he hopes the resumption of the German league can prompt a reversal of the decision to end the season in his own country.The top two leagues in Germany have been given the go-ahead to play in empty stadiums following a meeting between Chancellor Angela Merkel and state governors. The 10 remaining league matches in France were canceled last week. Paris Saint-Germain was declared champion and Lyon finished outside the European places in seventh.Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas says on sports daily L’Equipe’s website “it might not be too late to imagine … something coherent on a political level.”He adds that “by adapting our methods we could probably have finished the league.”Aulas argued for a playoff system to end the league by late August and reserved the possibility to claim damages he estimated at tens of millions of euros (dollars).___ Associated Press May 7, 2020 Horse racing has resumed in Germany, but without spectators and with mask-wearing jockeys.The race day at the Neue Bult track near Hannover on Thursday was the first to take place in Germany since the calendar was suspended in March.It followed talks between race organizers and the local authorities, and access to the track was strictly limited.Jockeys and grooms wore masks and betting was only allowed online. More races are scheduled for Friday in Cologne.Germany resumed ahead of other major European horse racing nations. The equestrian sport of trotting, or harness racing, has continued in Sweden through the coronavirus pandemic. ___Brescia captain Daniele Gastaldello says his entire squad opposes resuming the Serie A soccer season amid the coronavirus pandemic.Gastaldello tells Italian daily La Repubblica “we don’t feel safe. They’re asking us to resume training and to get back out onto the field right away … It’s putting all of the players’ safety on the line.”He says “I’m speaking for me and for my teammates” and adds it’s not worth it “if the price of resuming is us getting seriously injured.”Most clubs in the Italian league are resuming training on an individual basis this week but last-place Brescia is one of the holdouts. The Kontinental Hockey League says it will not name a champion after it stopped the season part-way through the playoffs because of the coronavirus pandemic.The Russia-based league shut down in March but didn’t immediately decide how the final standings would be determined. The league is widely considered to be the strongest outside the NHL.The KHL says the eight teams still in the playoffs at the time the season ended will be ruled as jointly finishing in the top eight positions.___Soccer clubs from Germany’s top two divisions will discuss setting a date to resume the suspended season amid the coronavirus pandemic. It could be as soon as next week. Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio doesn’t see games returning to Yankee Stadium or Citi Field very quickly, at least not with fans. De Blasio says bigger events are going to be one of the last things that will really fit the equation as the country restarts from the coronavirus pandemic. He says the perfect time to reopen big events is “almost when the disease has really been beaten back to next to nothing.” He says the danger with big gatherings, especially, is “that could be one of the things that propels the disease back.”Opening day was scheduled for March 26 but has been postponed indefinitely because of the new coronavirus. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred believes the season will start at some point, and the league has considered playing in empty ballparks.New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo put entertainment such as sports into the final phase of his guidelines for reopening the state. He’s discussed the possibility of having big league games in empty stadiums.___Colorado Rapids coach Robin Fraser says players will use team training fields for voluntary individual workouts starting Monday. The virtual Spanish GP will take place during the same weekend the real race was scheduled to run at the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit. The race will consist of a qualifying session and a 33-lap race.The F1 season hasn’t started yet because of the coronavirus pandemic.___The Gibraltar soccer federation says it has declared the league season null and void with no champion.The top two teams in the league were Europa and St. Joseph’s when the coronavirus pandemic caused the season to be suspended. The federation says they were so close in the standings it could not declare a champion “in the interests of sporting integrity.”center_img The French Tennis Federation says it will refund tickets purchased for the French Open because of uncertainty related to the coronavirus pandemic.The clay-court tournament at Roland Garros was initially slated to be held May 24-June 7 but has been rescheduled for Sept. 20-Oct. 4.The FFT says it “has taken the decision to cancel and refund all tickets purchased for the original dates of Roland Garros.”The FFT is also working closely with French authorities “to establish the necessary measures which will ensure the health and security of all guests attending the tournament.”Refunds will be received by end of May and a new ticketing procedure will be opened if the tournament goes ahead. The matches will be played in empty stadiums because of the coronavirus pandemic.The announcement comes one day after Chancellor Angela Merkel and the country’s 16 state governors agreed the season could resume.The Bundesliga was suspended on March 13 with nine rounds remaining. Seifert says the league will begin again where it left off.Seifert was speaking after a video conference with members from the country’s 36 clubs in the top two divisions. The second division will also resume on May 16.___ The German soccer league Bundesliga is set to resume on May 16.___The Peach Bowl is donating $1.09 million to help fund COVID-19 screenings in Georgia.The bowl announced it will help fund the telemedicine screening mobile app developed by Augusta University Health System. The AU Health ExpressCare app allows for free virtual screenings for the virus throughout the day with no appointment.Patients who screen positive will be scheduled for tests. St. Gallen leads defending champion Young Boys on goal difference and is five points ahead of third-place Basel.Switzerland’s government has said professional clubs can resume training Monday. Games in empty stadiums should be possible from June 8.The league says the government has advised that teams are no longer eligible for an unemployment insurance program when players start training. The league says it is having “very constructive” talks with the government about further federal aid.___The International Canoe Federation says it is planning its budget in case the Tokyo Olympics get canceled in 2021 because of the coronavirus pandemic. Brescia is one of areas hit hardest by the virus but Gastaldello says he was never tested.He says “we’ll know if we’ve had it only once they test us before training.”Brescia president Massimo Cellino has also been a vociferous opponent to resuming the season but says it’s not because he wants his club to avoid relegation.The Italian government has not yet approved the resumption of the season.___ ___Formula One says Manchester City forward Sergio Aguero, Real Madrid goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and Barcelona midfielder Arthur will compete alongside drivers in this weekend’s virtual Spanish Grand Prix.Charles Leclerc, Lando Norris, Alex Albon, Antonio Giovinazzi, George Russell and Nicholas Latifi will be the F1 drivers in Sunday’s event.Aguero will race for Red Bull alongside Albon. Courtois will run for Alfa Romeo in his second virtual race. Arthur will be with Haas.Golfer Ian Poulter will make his third appearance with Renault. The ICF says its board “approved two budget scenarios” up to 2022 taking into account “the chance of no competition or Olympics in 2021.”The ICF is due to get about $16 million from the International Olympic Committee as a share of revenue from the postponed Tokyo Games.The ICF has postponed or canceled all international events through August. It is due to have an election congress in December when president Jose Perurena steps down after 12 years.___German soccer league managing director Christian Seifert says the Bundesliga season will resume on May 16. The Latest: NYC mayor says big events with fans a ways away The Rapids join a list of Major League Soccer teams taking the first small steps toward returning to play. Sporting Kansas City, Atlanta United, Orlando City and Inter Miami let players onto fields Wednesday for controlled voluntary workouts on the first day permitted by the league.The MLS suspended the season because of the coronavirus pandemic on March 12, closing all team facilities but asking players to remain in market with their teams.Colorado plans on using two fields for its workouts and run about eight players at a time.Fraser started the video call a bit late because of an injury sustained while kicking a soccer ball around with daughter. No word on the type of injury. ___ More AP sports: and,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6last_img read more